Recruitment Consultant Tips- How To Stand Out As A Recruiter Of Choice To Your Candidates

business_team_huddle_12008Have you read all the hype that floats around the internet from time to time? You know what I mean; recruitment is dead, clients can find their own candidates that sort of thing. There isn’t any truth in it by the way. As a rec to rec company we talk to other recruitment agencies all the time and they are all having a better year than last.

Yes the recruitment sector landscape has changed as the internet dominates all our lives. For those of us who have been around recruitment for a number of years we know how things change develop. One minute it is job boards the next its linkedIn and social selling.

One thing won’t change is that recruitment is a ‘people’ business which founded on relationships and great customer service. Pity that some recruiter seem to have forgotten this. Last week I read a blog comment where someone had shared about two family members that were looking for jobs and their experience of various recruitment companies and their consultants. I cringed when I read that the guy in question had been appalled at the lack of professionalism displayed by the majority of recruiters. I winced because I know it is true. I am talking about empty promises of help with; interview prep; CV structure; advice on what the employer was looking for. All of which should be standard good practice of a professional recruiter. Let’s be honest it’s hardly hard guys!

The upside was that it made me realise how easy it can be to stand out in this profession with just a little attention to detail.  In my experience  here are two things that will make all the difference when it comes to how you become your candidates recruiter of choice.

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1. Keep your word

It is that simple. If you can’t deliver on something don’t promise you can. If you say you are going to email someone on Friday; do it. If they need help with a CV roll your sleeves up; remember you know what the client is looking for. Even if you have nothing new to report keep in touch. The odd phone call here and there builds a relationship. Remember when Fred or Freda gets the new role they are going to sing your praises to others. Do a great job and they will be delighted to refer you.

2. Ask questions and be curious

Let’s face it most of us love talking about ourselves and your candidates are no different. Learn a few skills in this area and you will be able to uncover the information you need that will help you ‘sell’ your candidate to your clients. As an added bonus your candidate will feel valued as well. As human beings we all want to be heard and appreciated. As a recruiter we have a great opportunity to do that for our candidates in a way that everybody wins. The client gets a great new employee, your candidate gets an amazing new role and thinks you are so wonderful; she tells all her friends and let’s not forget you hit your billings! A great job done and everyone is happy.

cheryl-wing-rec-2-recCheryl Wing is the M.D. of GSR2R and has over 12 years’ experience running her own award winning Rec to Rec company that helps recruiters get the best roles in the industry. If you want a rec to rec company that delivers contact Cheryl at

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